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galaxy xcover pro (1080x2340) galaxy note 10 (1080x2280) galaxy s10e (1080x2280) galaxy a80 (1080x2400) galaxy a7 2018 (1080x2220) galaxy a51 (1080x2400) galaxy a71 (1080x2400) galaxy s10 lite (1080x2400) galaxy note 10 lite (1080x2400) galaxy a50 (1080x2340) galaxy a30s (720x1560) galaxy a70 (1080x2400) galaxy m30s (1080x2400) galaxy a20s (720x1560) galaxy a10s (720x1520) galaxy a50s (1080x2340) galaxy a20 (720x1560) galaxy a10 (720x1520) galaxy a01 (720x1560) galaxy a30 (1080x2340) galaxy j7 prime (1080x1920) galaxy j7 (720x1280) galaxy j5 (720x1280) galaxy a40 (1080x2280) galaxy a70s (1080x2400) galaxy a90 (1080x2400) galaxy a5 (720x1280) galaxy m30 (1080x2280) galaxy s5 (1080x1920) galaxy m20 (1080x2340) More Other Compatible samsung Phone Models galaxy j3 2016 (720x1280) galaxy j5 prime (720x1280) galaxy note 3 (1080x1920) galaxy j7 pro (1080x1920) galaxy a20e (720x1560) galaxy a2 core (540x960) galaxy j5 2016 (720x1280) galaxy a8 2018 (1080x2220) galaxy j6 (720x1480) galaxy j7 2016 (720x1280) galaxy a9 2018 (1080x2220) galaxy a5 2016 (1080x1920) galaxy a10e (720x1560) galaxy m10s (720x1560) galaxy m40 (1080x2340) galaxy j6 plus (720x1480) galaxy a6 2018 (720x1480) galaxy a7 2017 (1080x1920) galaxy a5 2017 (1080x1920) galaxy j3 pro (720x1280) galaxy m10 (720x1520) galaxy a60 (1080x2340) galaxy j4 plus (720x1480) galaxy c9 pro (1080x1920) galaxy j8 (720x1480) galaxy a6 plus 2018 (1080x2220) galaxy a7 2016 (1080x1920) galaxy a3 2016 (720x1280) galaxy j2 core (540x960) galaxy j4 (720x1280) galaxy j5 2017 (720x1280) galaxy a3 2017 (720x1280) galaxy j2 pro 2018 (540x960) galaxy a8s (1080x2340) galaxy a8 plus 2018 (1080x2220) galaxy a9 pro 2016 (1080x1920) galaxy grand 2 (720x1280) galaxy j3 2018 (720x1280) galaxy j3 2017 (720x1280) galaxy xcover 4s (720x1280) galaxy j4 core (720x1480) galaxy j7 2017 (1080x1920) galaxy j7 2018 (720x1280) galaxy a8 star (1080x2220) galaxy j7 prime 2 (1080x1920) galaxy j7 nxt (720x1280) galaxy j7 max (1080x1920) galaxy on5 (720x1280) galaxy j7 duo (720x1280) galaxy j2 2016 (720x1280) galaxy on7 (720x1280) galaxy s light luxury (1080x2220) galaxy a6s (1080x2160) galaxy xcover 4 (720x1280) galaxy c7 pro (1080x1920) galaxy young 2 (320x480) galaxy on6 (720x1480) galaxy c5 pro (1080x1920) galaxy on7 pro (720x1280) galaxy j2 pro 2016 (720x1280) galaxy j7 v (720x1280) galaxy c7 2017 (1080x1920) galaxy j5 prime 2017 (720x1280) galaxy ace duos i589 (320x480) galaxy a5 2018 (1080x2160) galaxy tab a 8 0 2019 (800x1280) galaxy s3 (720x1280) galaxy s4 (1080x1920) galaxy view 2 (1080x1920) galaxy note 2 n7100 (720x1280)
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